THANK YOU, Montlake PTA!

We want to give huge thanks to the Montlake PTA, whose membership recently voted to donate 5% of their projected revenue in 2018–19 ($10,300!) to Lowell Elementary.

Montlake is just over the hill from Lowell, and the Montlake PTA wanted to help Lowell as a Title I (high poverty) school within the same Meany Middle School cluster—i.e., many of our kids are and will be classmates together at Meany.

With our many challenges and high turnover rate (in addition to 65% of Lowell students qualifying for Free and Reduced Lunch, upwards of 30% are homeless and 40% leave within the school year), Lowell doesn’t have the ability to fund-raise within our school community at the level of Montlake and other schools, so this gift really makes a big difference.

Let’s all keep working towards the day that all of our schools are funded adequately—but in the meantime, thank you to the Montlake PTA for showing solidarity and helping us work toward equitable funding!


Dragon Tales: Dine Out (TOMORROW!) at Southpaw, 5/3

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Hello, sunshine!

It’s hard to believe there are less than eight weeks left of school! But we’ve still got a lot of stuff coming up.

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This Thursday (TOMORROW!): Dine Out at Southpaw for Lowell

We’re very excited to get Lowell love this Thursday from Southpaw, the cozy pizza place near Seattle U created by chef (and James Beard award winner!) John Sundstrom.

Enjoy some delicious wood-fired pizza and soft-serve ice cream on Thursday, and a portion of the proceeds will go to Lowell! Southpaw is right on 12th Avenue, between Spring and Marion (926 12th Ave).

As one reviewer says: “It’s the very first pizza I’ve had in Seattle that comes even close to the pizza I grew up with in NJ.  Wow!  I’m blown away.”

Appreciate your teachers (always, but especially) next week!

Our teachers are the heroes of our school. They give so much, all the time, to make sure that our kids have what they need. So we want to thank them!

If you’re looking for ideas, here are some traditional ones and some not-so-traditional ones. (A nice note from your kiddo, or you, is always great.)

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Monday Night Square Dance, 4/23: A benefit for our music program!

Thanks to Ms. Shelby working together with the music teacher at Stevens, the Tractor Tavern will be hosting a Monday Night Square Dance fund-raiser for the Lowell music program!

It’s a Traditional Square Dance and Two Stepping night with an instructor who teaches you how to swing your partner to and fro.  All skill levels welcome!

Here are the details:

Mon Apr 23 2018, 8:00 PM (Doors 7:30 PM)

Tractor, 5213 Ballard Avenue NW Seattle, WA 98107

$7.00, Ages 21+

Heritage Night tonight, 5–7pm!

The cafeteria is newly festooned with flags, and teachers and students have put a lot of work into tonight’s cultural celebration.

Everyone is welcome, hope to see you there! Tours start at 5pm, potluck dinner and pizza 5:30 to 6:30, performances at 6:30pm.

Dragon Tales: Heritage Night this Thursday, 5–7pm

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Happy spring, everyone!

A big thanks to all the families who came out to Morfire for our Dine-Out event earlier this month. We raised nearly $1,000 for Lowell Elementary. (And the kids loved the cotton candy machine!)

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Heritage Night this Thursday at Lowell, 5–7pm

Teachers and students have been working hard to put together this event for families. Please join us! In addition to the potluck dinner (feel free to bring a favorite dish to share), we’ll also have pizza for the kids. Here’s the schedule:

5 – 5:30 Tour
5:30 Drum circle to call dinner
5:30 – 6:30 Potluck dinner
6:30 – 7 Performances in the cafeteria by Lowell Students and the Gansago Drumming Ensemble

5th Grade Promotion Party

The 5th Grade Promotion Party is looking for parent coordinators! Ms. Laura posted this message in the Lowell Parents group on Facebook, just passing it along in case you missed it:

“This is a friendly ask from the 5th grade team at Lowell regarding 5th grade promotion. In the past, parent volunteers have planned a picnic lunch at volunteer park for the 5th grade class, and helped with graduation set-up, food and decorations. I know it’s just March, but I wanted to put it out there for interested families to start thinking about. Promotion to middle school is a big deal and deserves to be celebrated! We cannot make this day special without the help of families. Let me know if you are interested/ able to help!”

You can email Ms. Laura at

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Dragon Tales: Dine Out at Morfire (March 1–3, this week!), interim principal

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Welcome back after Mid-Winter Break!

Hope your family has enjoyed the break! And once again, thanks to all the families that came to the Valentine’s Dance earlier this month. If you took a photo in the photo booth, watch for a print sometime after break. (Thanks to Chris Sondreal, Theo’s dad, for donating the printing and all-pro booth skills.)

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THREE DAYS! THIS WEEK! Dine-Out to support Lowell at Morfire, March 1–3

Capitol Hill’s own Thai hot pot restaurant, Morfire, will be donating 20% of all proceeds from Thursday, March 1 to Saturday, March 3.

WHAT?! That’s amazing, and we’re so thankful to Morfire. No fliers or reservations necessary, just come with the family, enjoy some delicious Thai hot pot or small plates, and support Lowell Elementary! You can see their whole menu here.

Check out the event on Facebook so you’ll get a reminder—and, even more importantly, so you can easily share with friends. The more people go to Morfire those days, the more money Lowell can raise.

New interim principal

All families received a notice earlier this month about Dr. Stump taking a leave of absence until further notice. The PTA board has been involved with and following these developments very closely. If you have questions about this change or want to share thoughts or information about your child’s experiences at Lowell this year, come find a PTA board member at pickup/dropoff or email

We’ll have an experienced interim principal starting tomorrow, Jo Lute-Ervin. She’s the recently retired principal of Kimball Elementary School, and she has since subbed for and with principals at several elementary schools around the district.

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Spring After-School Enrichment Classes—Register March 6!

Update 3/6/17: 

  • STEM Powered Girls – No gender restrictions (this needs to be cleared)
  • Anyone Can be An Artist (1st Session/178203) age restriction changed from K-3 to K-5
  • Launch It! (2nd Session/178222) age restriction changed from K-3 to K-5


Does your student love soccer, art, chess, or martial arts? Miller Community Center has a busy after-school enrichment program that’s available to all Lowell students—with classes *at* Lowell.

Spring session is 4/16 to 6/15. You can register through the Seattle Parks and Rec website (…/Activit…/ActivitiesAdvSearch.asp) or call Miller Community Center at (206) 684-4753.

For details, see the full schedule below. Classes have a minimum enrollment of 5. Prices adjusted for 8- and 9-week classes. (Miller also has a great selection of summer camps—registration opened on February 6!)

Remember: scholarships are available for all Miller Community Center camps and classes. For more information, email Eric at

*Age restrictions may be lifted

Free “Family Talk Time” and Computer Literacy classes

We received an exciting invitation for parents and guardians of Lowell students who want to attend classes designed to help you communicate with teachers and find your way around the district.

See the flier below, and here’s an introductory email from the kind folks at Seattle U with more details:

I’d like to share an opportunity for Lowell families through Seattle University’s Youth Initiative. At Seattle University’s Center for Community Engagement, our Family Engagement team offers free English (Family Talk Time) and computer literacy classes to parents and guardians at Bailey Gatzert. We would like to extend the offer for these free classes to the parents and guardians at your school. These classes hosted at Bailey Gatzert are drop-in classes, so no pre-registration is required.

Family Talk Time is offered Monday and Wednesday mornings. Our English learners have various proficiencies, and we adapt our classes to suit the needs of each individual. Much of our content is based around the school environment; some lessons include parent-teacher conferences, talking to your students’ teachers about performance and behavior, accessing the Source, and the various holidays students are celebrating at the school and how families choose to celebrate holidays at home. We try to make the class as accessible as possible for our families, so we include free child activities for younger children who aren’t in school yet.

Our Computer Literacy class is offered Tuesday mornings. As with the English class, the curriculum is adaptable based on individual student needs. We also offer free child activities for participants in this class. With Computer Literacy, participants not only learn more about the school webpages and communicating with teachers, we also work on developing resumes and job-searching skills, and navigating the wider Seattle community. While this class is developed with English learners in mind, we have gladly helped native English speakers one-on-one to work specifically on resumes and job searches.

Our greatest goal is creating a strong community for families.



Thanks to everyone who came to the Valentine’s Dance!

There was much snacking, face-painting, and balloon-assisted revelry! If you have an idea for another fun community event (movies? games? a cultural event?), email and help get something started.

Big thanks to everyone who helped organize, especially Chris Sondreal (Theo’s dad) who masterminded the photo booth. Chris says that any kids who took a photo there should get a print after the break next week, via their teacher’s mailbox.

Miller summer camp registration is open!

Here’s more info from our friends at Miller below. It looks like the brochure hasn’t been posted on Miller’s site yet, but check out the screencap of the schedule, the camps should be up in the SPARC registration system.

Hello Miller Community Center families!

We hope that everyone is off to a great start of the new year. We are writing you because, believe it or not, 2018 Summer Camp registration begins on February 6th at noon. We are offering 30 BRAND NEW Activity Camps at Miller Community Center in addition to our School Age Care Summer Camp. There is a wide variety of activity camps including Art, Cooking, Carpentry, Parkour, STEM, and more! A brochure is attached with the schedule and more information. At the time of registration, a $15 nonrefundable deposit is due for each camp registration.

Summer Camp scholarships are available!
The new 2018-19 scholarship application is available and I’ve attached it to this email. [Email and we can forward this to you.] Please submit the application in person and not via email as we don’t want sensitive information transmitted over email. If you submitted a 2017-18 scholarship application it’s only valid through June of 2018. If you are interested in using scholarship on Summer Camps, you must complete this new form. Keep in mind scholarship funds are limited so submitting the application early is very important. It does take a couple weeks to process. The new application looks a bit different than previous years so don’t hesitate to email or call if you have any questions.

Miller also has many new programs including Jewelry Making, Yoga, Recycled Art, Guitar Lessons, and more! We hope to see you and your family at Miller soon!

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