Draft Standing Rules and Budget 2017/18

Update: These rules and budget passed at the general meeting on Oct 4.

Each year our PTA is required to approve our “Standing Rules” and Budget at the first general meeting. Typically, each year, amendments are made to the previous year’s standing rules rules, and a new budget is made. A rules committee and budget committee, appointed by the full board, created this year’s proposed Standing Rules and proposed budget. The proposed standing rules and budget are just that; a proposal. They don’t become official until voted on at a general meeting. The proposed rules are very similar to last year’s with the substantive changes being highlighted in the “Standing Rules Explainer”. You will have an opportunity to bring up questions or concerns at the meeting, or feel free to reach out to us sooner.

Please find attached:

Standing Rules 2017_18 explainer

Standing Rules 2017_18_draft2

PALS – Budget DRAFT- Fiscal Year 2017-18 rev1 [pdf]

PALS – Budget DRAFT- Fiscal Year 2017-18 rev1 [excel]