Thanks to everyone who came to the Valentine’s Dance!

There was much snacking, face-painting, and balloon-assisted revelry! If you have an idea for another fun community event (movies? games? a cultural event?), email and help get something started.

Big thanks to everyone who helped organize, especially Chris Sondreal (Theo’s dad) who masterminded the photo booth. Chris says that any kids who took a photo there should get a print after the break next week, via their teacher’s mailbox.

We ♥ Witness!

A big thank-you to Gregg and the whole Witness crew for a packed house and a fun night! We are hugely thankful for you donating 50% of your proceeds from the night.

Many of us will be back soon, to order all the things we didn’t get to last night. (It’s hard to choose betwen shrimp & grits and fried chicken & waffles….)

A successful (and literate) harvest!

Thank you to everyone who came out Thursday for Harvest Festival/Literacy Night! We had about 100 people there for salsa lessons, pumpkin art, banh mis, free books from Ms. Katherine, and a fun, diverse lineup of literacy activities all over the school. Special thanks to all of our translators and Mr. Skeffington for hosting with a newly donated wireless microphone.

FYI, Ms. Katherine still had many books left at the end of the night—so she’s got enough for any kids who couldn’t make it to still get a free book. She’ll be making that happen in the library over the next couple weeks.

A pumpkin cat preparing to pounce….
(Thank you to M.C. who shared this great picture with us!)

Thanks to everyone who “Dined Out”!

It was a full house at Coastal Kitchen Wednesday night, thank you to everyone who came out and helped contribute to a fun event! (And special thanks to Toi Sennhauser, who volunteered her time to make many kids happy with face-painted guineau pigs, carrots, Magic: The Gathering creatures, etc.)

We’re hoping to have more “Dine Out” events this year—so if you couldn’t make it this time, you’ll have more chances. And if you have a favorite restaurant who you think might be interested, feel free to ask them or let us know!



“Who you gonna call?”

Many thanks to everyone who came out for the classroom rug cleaning this week! And to the Safeway on 15th for donating the Rug Doctor machines and supplies.

The work went quicker than we thought (perhaps because it was fueled by doughnuts), and we even got to gear up with this sweet Ghostbusters-style vacuum. The number of enthusiastic thank-yous we heard from teachers easily outnumbered the rugs that we cleaned.


Thank you, Union Church and Kakao Chocolate and Coffee, for your amazing library fund-raiser/book drive! Thanks to you and everyone you inspired, the event raised $2,700—well over our target goal of $2,000. We will be able to buy all the books on our library list and have money in reserve for future projects dedicated to the library.

A big, big THANK YOU to all of those who came out and either donated, gave their time to volunteer, or helped to set up the event!